Definition of grassbird in English:



  • A brown streaked warbler frequenting long grass and reed beds.

    Family Sylviidae: genus Megalurus of Australasia and Asia (also called marshbird), and Sphenoeacus afer of southern Africa

    • ‘I will show Shortwing and Grassbird," he declared, with familiar confidence. To us this was a tempting invite.’
    • ‘I was hoping that Yves might have a tape of the grassbird, as I knew that this species might cause a problem.’
    • ‘Unperturbed, we continued our hunt for the elusive grassbird and were rewarded by our first pied triller of the day in the scrub across the creek.’
    • ‘The LIttle Grassbird is found in swamps and marshes, preferring thick reed beds, and will occur in temporary wetlands after rains.’
    • ‘I did indeed take the shot of the Little Grassbird with the 50-500 lens.’