Definition of grass tree in English:

grass tree


  • another term for blackboy
    • ‘Every grass tree and sapling was essential as a hand-hold before we eventually emerged on a mossy rock face and eased ourselves past wild orchids without mishap.’
    • ‘The perfectly symmetrical prickly balled yacca or Australia grass tree, which takes 100 years to grow a central trunk, is my favourite.’
    • ‘We've got some rare basalt woodlands and 600 or 800 year old grass trees, and quite a few endangered species.’
    • ‘The flower stalk on the grass tree is full of nectar, so when you get a flower stalk, just run your hand down it and it's covered in glucose, and just lick it off, it's just pure, sweet sugars.’
    • ‘And for gardeners there is much to admire such as a 400-year-old Australian grass tree, or the yellow Justica, a plant Blake first saw in Costa Rica where a humming bird seeking nectar became the subject of one of his paintings.’