Definition of grass seed in English:

grass seed


mass noun
  • The seeds from which grass develops.

    ‘this is probably your last chance to sow grass seed’
    count noun ‘planting grass seeds is both economical and easy’
    • ‘However, stores of native grass seed are limited.’
    • ‘Still, the society's report noted that bentgrass could be considered a weed by farms that are trying to grow other grass seeds.’
    • ‘The weather has been good to get the grass seed germinating.’
    • ‘You'll have to spray all the grass in the area, then reseed with good quality grass seed.’
    • ‘Select a grass seed mixture that is specially prepared for the type of location you are reseeding.’
    • ‘A new playing area has been sown with grass seed and fenced off.’
    • ‘Some grass seeds have small barbs or hooks which make removal difficult.’
    • ‘A fast-growing grass seed mixed with heather seeds will be spread over the site.’
    • ‘There are many varieties and types of grass seed from which to choose.’
    • ‘Scientists announced that they had developed GM grass seeds altered to remove common allergens that cause hay fever.’
    • ‘Go to the local nursery and get grass seed to fill these patches.’