Definition of grass fighter in English:

grass fighter


  • A bare-knuckle fighter.

    ‘I used to have a bit of a reputation as a grass fighter’
    • ‘Those were the bare-knuckle days, kinged over by the grim grass fighters.’
    • ‘The things most admired in a man were his abilities as a drinker, a grass fighter, a raconteur, and a worker.’
    • ‘What's this about you being a great grass fighter, Grandfather?’
    • ‘Brawlers and, you know, grass fighters—could they get these blood clots and things?’
    • ‘He reckoned any good Australian grass fighter, fast on his feet, could skittle a man with a shillelagh in no time.’
    • ‘The former old-time star was a great grass fighter.’
    • ‘He was something of a local grass fighter and much loved by all.’
    • ‘His shuffling gait was deceptive—he was as lithe and agile as a buck deer and a tough grass fighter.’
    • ‘It was not infrequently an advantage to be a good grass fighter.’
    • ‘He became known as the best grass fighter in the back country.’


Early 20th century: perhaps from a slang sense of the verb grass ‘to knock an adversary down’.