Definition of grass castle in English:

grass castle


  • 1A grand property owned by a wealthy pastoralist.

    ‘beef barons flourishing in grass castles’
    • ‘Australia's cattle pioneers became known as kings in grass castles.’
    • ‘For all the talk of the country once riding on the sheep's back, or beef barons flourishing in grass castles, visitors will discover that Queensland was always, at heart, a nanny state.’
    • ‘Here was the vision splendid: Buchanan's grass castle.’
    • ‘He immediately censored the press, and told old Mac to get the hell back to his grass castle, and possibly many other words unrecorded by his secretary.’
    • ‘So my esteemed future father-in-law is now aiming to be a king in his own grass castle, is he?"’
    • ‘Contrary to what bourgeois propagandists would have you believe, the outback of this country was not developed by kings in grass castles.’
    • ‘Regional lands remained locked away in the grip of the giant pastoral companies and kings in grass castles.’
    • ‘After fleeing the Irish famine, the family became 'kings in grass castles' as the first of Australia's great cattle kings.’
    • ‘My childhood was cradled in a grass castle on a large holding in a country cleared and fenced in square miles.’
    • ‘There have been a lot of kings in grass castles since, but none to equal the scope of these two.’
  • 2A luxurious home paid for with the proceeds of trade in cannabis.

    ‘the grass castles which the mafia built from their drug earnings’
    • ‘He reported on the activities of the mafia and the grass castles which they built from their drug earnings.’
    • ‘Although they joked about the grass castles being built for the marijuana growers to live in, they were genuinely concerned.’
    • ‘Most people are aware that outlawing the cultivation, the selling, and the using of marijuana has resulted in grass castles, gang wars, and murders.’
    • ‘He was one of four crims who sat inside his grass castle to discuss the affect Mackay's anti-drug stance was having on their flourishing marijuana business.’
    • ‘The next day, we were driven past some impressive houses that the police described as grass castles.’
    • ‘A number of those he had named, or who lived in grass castles, had particularly good alibis for the night he disappeared.’
    • ‘He disliked being called an anti-drugs campaigner, but he did want to expose those who lived in grass castles on the tiny farming blocks whose mysterious profits were corrupting his town.’
    • ‘The town is still dotted with the many luxurious grass castles the criminals built with the proceeds of the drug trade.’
    • ‘She would be punished like a gangster for her ­alleged role in a scheme which police say saw the jobless couple buy their own $1.1 million grass castle on the Gold Coast.’
    • ‘I interviewed him two days before he disappeared (presumably at the hands of drug lords), and it was the first time I heard the term 'grass castles'.’


1950s: sense 1 derives from the title of Mary Durack's 1959 work Kings in Grass Castles; sense 2 is from grass in the sense ‘cannabis’.