Definition of grass carp in English:

grass carp


  • A large Chinese freshwater fish, farmed for food in SE Asia and introduced elsewhere to control the growth of vegetation in waterways.

    Ctenopharyngodon idella, family Cyprinidae

    • ‘As with all coarse fish, grass carp begin feeding upon invertebrates before moving on to a wider diet including soft plants.’
    • ‘The Asian grass carp, a voracious vegetarian, has changed the face of some Texas waters by devouring native aquatic vegetation.’
    • ‘To help combat the weed, two grass carp have been introduced.’
    • ‘Silver carp and tilapia fed on the phytoplankton; the grass carp, wuchang fish and common carp ate green fodder.’
    • ‘Though still on experimental level, we are introducing fast growing grass carp, a weed-eating fish, into the lake.’