Definition of grass-covered in English:



  • (of an area) covered with grass; grassy.

    ‘steep, grass-covered slopes’
    • ‘Besides the loss caused by percolation, some fine earth is certainly washed down the sloping grass-covered surfaces of our Downs.’
    • ‘The entrance to the cave is partially hidden by a grass-covered bank.’
    • ‘The local stone and timber materials of its contemporary interior and its grass-covered roof complement the rugged beauty of the valley outside.’
    • ‘A grass-covered lawn is usually 10 F (6 C) cooler than bare ground in the summer.’
    • ‘In the valley, Gawain finds a grass-covered mound with holes in it, which he presumes to be the green chapel.’
    • ‘The survivors floated down the river (the Sepik) on rafts or pieces of grass-covered ground that became lodged in the river.’
    • ‘During the C17 Civil War the grass-covered banks became a fort to defend the town.’
    • ‘In early summer during wet years, the grass-covered landscape looks more like Ireland than Arabia.’
    • ‘Visible today as a grass-covered earthwork, the site is slightly unusual in lying at the bottom of a slope.’
    • ‘A stepped, grass-covered green roof reduces the building's visibility and controls stormwater runoff.’