Definition of graphics in English:


plural noun

  • 1usually treated as singular The products of the graphic arts, especially commercial design or illustration.

    • ‘I couldn't figure out what was so amazing about my graphics and designs that they were better than everyone else's.’
    • ‘Industrial products and graphics are outcomes of the design process, but they do not begin to describe the boundaries of design's playing field.’
    • ‘Her daughter Brigitte, a graphics student, designed the cover.’
    • ‘There is a workshop for metal work, and a gallery of painting, sculpture, graphics and drawings.’
    • ‘Ever wonder how manufacturers choose the colors and graphics for their upcoming products?’
    • ‘The historical background of APs is that they were created to signify the artist's final approval of a print after the long process used to create the graphics.’
    • ‘Its films are used in the graphics arts industries to make signs and banners.’
    • ‘The school acquired it just a month ago and the fifth class pupils were fascinated with the graphics and illustrations.’
    • ‘A painter and writer, he has also worked in graphics and ceramics, taught art, illustrated books, and written fiction both for children and adults.’
    • ‘For a three-dimensional effect, some rigid containers are embossed with logos or graphics.’
    • ‘You will learn about writing and graphics and photographs and design, and why one type face is preferable to another and why this Web site is superior to that.’
    • ‘The pleasing placement of graphics and photographs can, it seems, be as important as the quality of the text itself.’
    • ‘Ever since Jen found out that Adam is a graphic designer and produces cartoons and graphics for a living, she's been fascinated.’
    • ‘He won an award at school when he was six and he really wants to go into design or graphics and cartoons.’
    • ‘She trained in Fine Art at the Byamshaw School of Art in London and in Brighton, where she gained a degree in graphics and illustrations.’
    • ‘There are three plastic cases in a cardboard slipcase, with a variety of photos and magical graphics.’
    • ‘Glaser designed all of their graphics and posters for the year 2000.’
    • ‘One of the main advantages of this exhibit is that it showed works from the three main genres of the art - painting, graphics and sculptures.’
    • ‘Most changes were in text, with very little change in photos and graphics.’
    • ‘The Fifties was the triumph of streamlining, push-button technology, new graphics styles, new icons.’
  • 2usually treated as singular The use of diagrams in calculation and design.

    • ‘Superb design, excellent graphics and jargon-free text elucidate the details of this fascinating and controversial medical phenomenon.’
    • ‘There are machines that design the page with graphics and photographs.’
    • ‘Many newer textbooks have incorporated more images and graphics.’
    • ‘This visual language was based on a combination of charts, graphics, diagrams, maps.’
    • ‘The print copy of an article may include graphics, tables, diagrams, notes, or charts.’
  • 3treated as plural usually treated as singular Visual images produced by computer processing.

    • ‘To increase the loading speed of your main page you should avoid large graphics or excessive graphics.’
    • ‘Computer generated graphics are then added to the video so that the user sees an image of the real world overlaid with context sensitive information.’
    • ‘Developers can give their graphics an added gloss with numerous visual effects, ranging from semi-transparency to drop shadows.’
    • ‘The site itself will contain about 10-15 pages of HTML with a total of maybe 5MB of graphics and images.’
    • ‘This is RAM that is dedicated to handling the visuals and graphics on your notebook computer.’
    1. 3.1treated as singular The use of computers linked to display screens to generate and manipulate visual images.
      • ‘The font, the graphics, the screen capture images are top-notch publishing and desktop publishing reference works of art.’
      • ‘Computer games are an intricate blend of immersive graphics and creative gameplay programming.’
      • ‘So what's the best format for web graphics: gif or jpeg?’
      • ‘The best feature of the film is the life-like computer imaging and graphics.’
      • ‘Always resize your image in your graphics software before you insert it onto your web page.’