Definition of graphicacy in English:



mass noun
  • The ability to understand and use a map or graph.

    • ‘The tools of graphicacy are maps, diagrams, photographs, and other spatial documents.’
    • ‘Children of today inhabit a multi-dimensional world and in order to communicate effectively in it they need the ability to utilise four forms of communication namely, oracy, literacy, numeracy and graphicacy.’
    • ‘Just as literacy is a right for all, so too is graphicacy. Literacy and graphicacy should be linked.’
    • ‘As more managers become sensitized to graphicacy issues such as this, we can expect a decrease in advocacy graphics and an increase in the number of decisions made dispassionately, based on a full understanding of the reality in the data.’
    • ‘To understand the complexities of graphical displays, students need a sound understanding of graphicacy and support from the textbooks available to them to develop that understanding.’


1960s: from graphic, on the pattern of literacy and numeracy.