Definition of graphic equalizer in English:

graphic equalizer

(British graphic equaliser)


  • An electronic device or computer program that allows the separate control of the strength and quality of frequency bands in an audio signal.

    • ‘They come with a software-controlled ten-band graphic equalizer with presets for musical genres like rock and jazz.’
    • ‘However, the crisp sound, customisable graphic equaliser and virtual surround sound are features that serious audiophiles should appreciate.’
    • ‘The graphic equalizer found in a car stereo system is a common example of one kind of EQ device called a shelving equalizer.’
    • ‘You can also adjust three bars, like a graphic equaliser, controlling how recently the page was updated, how popular the site is and whether it is an exact or approximate word match.’
    • ‘But how's this for improvements - they've added a little LCD screen that is surprisingly functional, a 5-band graphic equalizer that you can customize, and a built-in mic and recording capability.’


graphic equalizer