Definition of grapeshot in English:



mass nounhistorical
  • Ammunition consisting of a number of small iron balls fired together from a cannon.

    • ‘Leading from the front, as he stepped ashore and in the act of drawing his sword, grapeshot shattered his right elbow.’
    • ‘The latter succeeded, but the main attack failed as Jackson's artillery fired grapeshot and canister shot into the advancing British line.’
    • ‘When they got to within 200 metres the French troops opened fire, reinforced by grapeshot from the two artillery pieces that had been dragged across the Sahara.’
    • ‘Closer in, guns fired grapeshot - bunches of shot about the size of snooker balls - and then case-shot - a tin container filled with musket balls.’
    • ‘From the left side of the column the entire forest opened up in fire and smoke, six pound cannons pouring grapeshot into the Loyalist ranks.’