Definition of grape harvest in English:

grape harvest


  • 1The process or period of picking grapes.

    ‘there is just over a month to go before this year's grape harvest’
    • ‘Relief came at last in March: ironically, the first rains arrived inopportunely at grape harvest time in South Australia and Victoria.’
    • ‘With just over a month to go before this year's grape harvest, vineyard owners and wine connoisseurs are hoping the good weather will continue.’
    • ‘Before the Mayor dropped us back on the main road, he arranged for us to work on the grape harvest in a few weeks' time.’
    • ‘She's cleaning the wine press in time for the grape harvest.’
    • ‘The start of the grape harvest last week in France saw a great deal of ceremonial dressing up in robes and formal dining across the country.’
    • ‘Just a few hillsides away, the grape harvest is concluding.’
    • ‘The week that followed was given over to the traditional grape harvest!’
    • ‘October on Cyprus is the season of grape harvest, wine making, olive pressing, and swimming in warm seas.’
    • ‘The olive harvest falls after grape harvest, during a period of time when he'd otherwise have nothing for his workers to do.’
    • ‘Grape harvest in wine country is a not-to-be-missed wine experience.’
    1. 1.1 The crop of grapes produced in a particular season.
      ‘the climate is hot enough to produce a good grape harvest every year’
      • ‘Some forecasters expect Italy's wine grape harvest to be the second smallest since 1950.’
      • ‘The cost of table wine is set to rise due to a devastating grape harvest in Spain and Italy caused by a drought.’
      • ‘An award-winning English winemaker has scrapped its entire 2012 grape harvest because of the summer's poor weather.’
      • ‘The 2003 grape harvest is expected to be 30 to 40 per cent lower, due to damage from low temperatures in the spring.’
      • ‘The Indian summer means wine producers in Yorkshire have been blessed with a bumper grape harvest which they hope will bring them wines to rival Bordeaux.’
      • ‘In turn, the quality of wines is strongly dependent on the quality of the grape harvest in the particular year.’
      • ‘The whole of Louis XVI's reign had been a time of economic difficulties, with wildly fluctuating grain, fodder, and grape harvests causing repeated disruption.’
      • ‘The French Agricultural Budget Commission forecast that the revenue for appellation controlee wine producers will fall overall by 32 per cent due to a small 2003 grape harvest.’
      • ‘The New Zealand wine industry has continued its turnaround in 2013, posting a record grape harvest and improved profitability for wineries.’
      • ‘Almost the entire grape harvest of some villages is vinified by one good co-operative cellar.’