Definition of granulitic in English:



  • See granulite

    • ‘Resting on top of the granulitic rocks of the Dalsfjord Suite are the arkosic metasediments of the Hoyvik Group which are interpreted as detritus from the Dalsfjord Suite rocks.’
    • ‘The researchers studied metamorphic conditions of granulitic rocks in the Zoblitz complex and estimated maximum pressure conditions of 21 kbar at 830°C.’
    • ‘The Sudete Mountains, NE Bohemian Massif (Czech Republic and Poland), preserve abundant eclogitic and granulitic centimetre - to decimetre-scale boudins enveloped in a predominantly migmatitic matrix.’
    • ‘Granitic intrusions common in the upper crust are typically products of fluid-absent melting of fertile crustal rocks, leaving granulitic residues and migmatitc complexes.’
    • ‘Also, those workers noted that eclogites, in particular with felsic composition, are theologically weak, relative to their granulitic equivalents.’