Definition of Granthi in English:



  • A priest who acts as custodian of the Guru Granth Sahib, the sacred scripture of the Sikhs.

    • ‘The parents discuss it with their friends and the name they decide, is announced by the Granthi Sahib.’
    • ‘The following morning, the Granthi wakes up the Guru, carrying the scriptures back to the throne.’
    • ‘A Granthi is expected to be an initiated member of the Sikh Khalsa who lives a life that exemplifies the ideals of the Khalsa.’
    • ‘We furthermore call for equal opportunities to women in appointments of Granthis and Panth leaders.’
    • ‘The Granthis usually also perform the Ardas, or final group prayer, although any baptized person can perform it during the services.’