Definition of Grantha in English:



mass noun
  • A southern Indian alphabet dating from the 5th century AD, used by Tamil brahmans for the Sanskrit transcriptions of their sacred books.

    • ‘Like Tamil and Malayalam, Tulu script is derived from the Grantha script.’
    • ‘This led to the arrival of Grantha script in the Sixth Century A.D.’
    • ‘One such manuscript in Sanskrit written in Grantha script is of the Ramayan.’
    • ‘Consider, for example, that the King has his own brahmin priest of Thai ancestry, or that the Thai script is based upon the South Indian Grantha script.’
    • ‘Tamil has two written forms - Vattelluttu (round script) which is used for everyday, and Grantha, a traditional script.’


From Sanskrit grantha (see Adi Granth).