Definition of granter in English:



  • See grant

    • ‘It's no secret that credit granters are a big part of the problem in identity theft and credit scams.’
    • ‘It sounds all too much like the previous case, with the council using its powers as landowner and granter of planning permission to try to force through highly unpopular schemes.’
    • ‘Under his model, granters would work directly with grantees, sharing their business skills but resisting the temptation to meddle with program delivery.’
    • ‘Operation Wonderland follows an employee, Jed, whose daily duties at the theme park's waste disposal unit are interrupted by the enigmatic Blue Fairy, the granter of children's wishes at her grotto.’
    • ‘The authority of the UN and the key position of the Security Council as the generator of mandates, the overseer of security maintenance operations, and the granter of legitimacy, was defended.’