Definition of grant-in-aid in English:



  • An amount of money given to local government, an institution, or a particular scholar.

    ‘funding was provided by a Fulbright grant-in-aid’
    mass noun ‘we receive grant-in-aid from the Scottish Office’
    • ‘The fieldwork in Japan was partly supported by grants-in-aid from the Ministry of Education, Science, Sports and Culture.’
    • ‘Unfortunately it is doing just the opposite - limiting the growth of grants-in-aid and enacting tax cuts that will automatically widen state and local budget gaps.’
    • ‘One new proposal would allow student-athletes to accept nonathletic financial aid over and above the grant-in-aid to cover attendance.’
    • ‘No grants-in-aid of any kind were received from either local or central sources.’
    • ‘Additional funding came from two grants-in-aid from the Geological Society of America.’
    • ‘It proposed distributing block grants to state agencies rather than grants-in-aid to local authorities.’
    • ‘In 1960-61 grants-in-aid to Canadian universities increased almost tenfold, to $9.5 million.’
    • ‘This expansion of governmental activity in the 1930s as a response to the depressed economy intertwined various levels of government through the strategy of federal administrators providing grants-in-aid to the states.’
    • ‘Both movements were funded by voluntary subscription, although small grants-in-aid were made to voluntary schools after 1833.’
    • ‘It has awarded scores of grants-in-aid and project grants, and postgraduate awards for clinical and basic higher degree candidates.’
    • ‘The grant-in-aid promised to the special schools is paid irregularly making life more difficult for them.’
    • ‘The government then pays grant-in-aid to the BBC of a sum equivalent to the licence fee revenue.’
    • ‘Sites will be required to apply for subsidies from the conditional grant for community-based sites, and grants-in-aid for school-based sites.’
    • ‘The schools had been sanctioned grant-in-aid by the government prior to 1973-74.’
    • ‘The payments will be staggered, giving priority to child support grants in June, old-age grants and war veterans in July, disability grants and grants-in-aid in August and foster-care grants in September.’
    • ‘One alternative to a new aid program would be for Congress to simply increase the allocations of one or more existing grants-in-aid that have broad purposes.’
    • ‘On aided institutions, the Bench made it clear that ‘a minority institution does not cease to be so the moment grant-in-aid is received.’’
    • ‘Now it is recognized that the capabilities of state and local governments have progressed significantly and that control over grants-in-aid from the federal level is exceedingly difficult in any case.’
    • ‘The money for travel - up from £4.7m the year before - comes from taxpayers through Government grants-in-aid.’
    • ‘He sought first a grant-in-aid, then an interest-free loan and, finally, had to settle for a loan of $3.75 thousand million at two per cent interest.’