Definition of granolithic in English:



  • 1(of concrete) containing fine granite chippings or crushed granite, used to render floors and surfaces.

    • ‘Classified index to advertisements, from granolithic paving manufacturers to monumental masons.’
    • ‘Lavatories, kitchen, store rooms etc., are finished in terrazzo and granolithic paving on expanded metal.’
    • ‘This eliminated the need for a granolithic layer and could be used to repair existing floors.’
    • ‘Sometimes, granolithic concrete is normal concrete with granite dust trowelled into the surface when it is ‘stand on’ dry to improve surface resistance to wear and dusting.’
    • ‘The model proper is made in granolithic concrete directly in the mould.’
    1. 1.1 (of a floor or surface) rendered with granolithic concrete.
      • ‘From the main entrance, winding its way across the park to Pleasant Street is a granolithic flagged walk eight feet wide and sixteen hundred feet long.’
      • ‘Floors may be either granolithic or concrete finished with quarry tiles or terracotta and laid with non-slip tracks.’
      • ‘A large and expensively fitted skating rink is being erected by a leading architect, with granolithic floors and every modern improvement.’


mass noun
  • Granolithic concrete or rendering.

    • ‘Experiments have proven that use of granolithic concrete is cost efficient and effectively reduces erosion by abrasion of the top layer.’
    • ‘Granolithic mortar is really a fine-grade concrete.’


Late 19th century: from grano- (irregular combining form from Latin granum ‘grain’) + Greek lithos ‘stone’ + -ic.