Definition of granny glasses in English:

granny glasses

plural noun

  • Round steel-rimmed or gold-rimmed glasses.

    • ‘His recruitment was reportedly due in some part to his look a huge afro and his trademark granny glasses.’
    • ‘Raphael is dressed in a baggy sweater and torn jeans - Edward wears a thin black shirt, and grey pants, with a pair of mirrored Lennon-style granny glasses on his face.’
    • ‘He looked at it, looked at me over his granny glasses, and said, ‘You know, it's still a comic.’’
    • ‘She beams at me over the top of her hippy-dippy granny glasses.’
    • ‘My style has changed a lot (lost the granny glasses and the low rise jeans as a concession to middle age) but I've only gotten more curious and adventurous as a cook and eater.’
    • ‘About .09 percent of the population painted their faces, wore granny glasses and said ‘groovy’ on a regular basis.’
    • ‘The girl looked mortified behind her big granny glasses.’
    • ‘The year of harsh menopausal chignons, of eyebrows plucked up and away, and round granny glasses with gold rims.’
    • ‘I was using granny glasses for several years until I finally got tired of taking them on and off.’
    • ‘Many years later at a class reunion and after a stint in the Air Force B.B. sported a close cropped curly cut and wireless granny glasses.’
    • ‘Out stepped Eric and Chris in tuxes, accompanied by dates done up prom-style, and Jayson, solo, in tails, sideburns, and blue-lensed granny glasses.’