Definition of graniteware in English:



mass noun
  • 1A speckled form of earthenware imitating the appearance of granite.

    • ‘Until about 1865 the products of Trenton potteries consisted almost entirely of heavy yellow and white earthenware and white graniteware of general shape and quality.’
    • ‘This decorative style then continued on other ceramic wares such as whiteware, cream-colored earthenware, or white graniteware.’
    • ‘Inexpensive pieces of white and/or damaged graniteware are dipped in epoxy to enhance their marketability.’
    • ‘The types and colors of stripes on graniteware also help to date it, but it's fairly complicated, so you might want to consult a graniteware guide.’
    • ‘It has the button knob on the top of the lid that is a very desirable feature in graniteware pieces.’
  • 2A kind of enamelled ironware.

    • ‘The condition of this graniteware colander is very good.’
    • ‘Graniteware, or Enamelware as it's also called, was said to first bring splashes of color to kitchen containers in the mid-nineteenth century.’
    • ‘Graniteware, technically enamelware, traces it's origins to Germany in the early 1800's..’
    • ‘Graniteware is an enameled tinware that has been used in the kitchen from the late nineteenth century to the present. Earlier graniteware was green or turquoise blue, with white spatters.’
    • ‘This is a huge old antique graniteware/enamelware coffee pot with the wonderful splatter enamel design.’