Definition of grandstand in English:



  • 1The main stand, usually roofed, commanding the best view for spectators at racecourses or sports grounds.

    • ‘In recent weeks a series of grandstands and marquee tents have been assembled on the airfield, and signs have been going up awaiting the thousands of visitors who will descend on the event.’
    • ‘They filled an entire section of the grandstand opposite the Williams pit garage, cheered wildly and waved flags and yelled every time Montoya made an appearance.’
    • ‘He was also against the replacement of a grassed viewing area in front of the main grandstand with concrete.’
    • ‘View a few races from the stands, then check out the infield area, accessible through a tunnel from the grandstand and open to all.’
    • ‘The gleaming new pit complex and control tower along with grandstands and hospitality units has transformed Mondello into a venue of which Irish motorsport can feel justifiably proud.’
    • ‘The best crowd of the season packed the grandstands for Sunday's eliminations.’
    • ‘Just after 3.30 pm spectators stood shoulder to shoulder in the grandstands to cheer home their horse.’
    • ‘The new grandstand will hold 10, 875 racegoers if permission is granted.’
    • ‘The second floor of the grandstand will house the primary horse racing and betting areas, but will add a restaurant and patio to provide improved seating and a better view of the races.’
    • ‘At almost every race on the calendar, more than 120,000 spectators cram into the grandstands, all vying for a view of the millionaire superstar drivers.’
    • ‘The flags are flying proudly at York Racecourse after a new grandstand was officially handed over to race chiefs.’
    • ‘At that time, women were very restricted in their involvement in racing and Mrs Widdis was unable to be in the Members enclosure, so she was standing in the grandstand with one of her daughters, cheering her horse on.’
    • ‘Ascot hopes to create one of the world's most modern racecourses, with a new grandstand, track and parade ring.’
    • ‘The next time the F1 testing rolls around to Silverstone try and go there… it is almost like seeing a race from the grandstands, bar the overtaking (which is minimal nowadays anyway).’
    • ‘The grandstand's terracing now provides more space for spectators to view the racing.’
    • ‘Spectators benefit from a newly-installed grandstand and large screen.’
    • ‘We're sold out in the main public enclosures for Thursday and sold out in the grandstand on Friday.’
    • ‘The old entrance next to the grandstand has been replaced by a new restaurant which has splendid views of the members' lawn and the horsewalk which connects parade ring and track.’
    • ‘The two grandstands frame the pitch in symmetrical tiers of seating, but are expressed in quite different ways.’
    • ‘The sight could hardly have been more ominous and the packed grandstands were beginning to fear the worst.’
    1. 1.1as modifier (of a view) seen from an advantageous position, as if from a grandstand.
      ‘a balcony which gave us a grandstand view of Loch Fyne’
      • ‘My grandstand view of Nelson's Column would also have been considerably better had I not been sitting on a stiff plastic seat of the kind you'd expect to find in a cheap cafeteria.’
      • ‘Thousands looked on, crammed in behind barriers on each side of the mock battlefield, while others got a grandstand view from Clifford's Tower.’
      • ‘The residents along the coastline will have a grandstand view of the event.’
      • ‘From there, you had a grandstand view of the private living room, as well as anybody coming from the staircase.’
      • ‘Heathrow Airport says all places have been taken for grandstand views of the final landings at around 4 pm today and has appealed to the public to watch the events on TV.’
      • ‘The railway then curves sharply around the mouth of Bow Creek, providing grandstand views of the Millennium Dome across the river, meeting up with the Jubilee and North London lines at Canning Town.’
      • ‘Visitors cannot fail to be impressed with the grandstand view overlooking the river.’
      • ‘For grandstand views of the golf course, the astonishing sunsets and the distant Slieve Bloom mountains, the junior suites with balconies are your best bet.’
      • ‘Since opening in April 1999, the par - 72 course has gone from strength to strength with new buildings offering wonderful grandstand views over the ninth and 18th greens.’
      • ‘One house sold there last year for more than £2m to an American golf fan who will this year enjoy grandstand views.’
      • ‘Now they are crowded round about us, trying to get a grandstand view.’
      • ‘Mr Walker, who was described as having a grandstand view of events, differed in several areas to Mr Kenyon's recollection.’
      • ‘As fans began to advance on the station in greater numbers I abandoned my grandstand view and leapt on the next train out.’
      • ‘Cove Rock also offers a grandstand view of the area and this includes whale watching - when the whales are around.’


[NO OBJECT]usually as noun grandstanding
  • Seek to attract applause or favourable attention from spectators or the media.

    ‘they accused him of political grandstanding’
    • ‘We see grandstanding, bullying, and a lot of time-wasting and puffed-up importance, signifying nothing.’
    • ‘If you paid a little more attention to fact rather than grandstanding, you'd know these things.’
    • ‘To some in the press box, it is calculated grandstanding.’
    • ‘For what it's worth, Tim ignores the media grandstanding and gets to the very heart of the issue.’
    • ‘Members spent their time grandstanding for the TV cameras and scoring partisan points.’