Definition of grandkid in English:



North American
  • A grandchild.

    • ‘Consequently regular phone calls are an important element in their experiencing their grandkids lives.’
    • ‘Her kids and grandkids are coming to the city to be with her.’
    • ‘So out of seven grandkids and seven great grandkids, this will be the first boy in the family.’
    • ‘Every generation has their story they want to tell their grandkids.’
    • ‘Grandmothers might be buying games online for their grandkids ' birthdays.’
    • ‘But all the kids and grandkids will be there and we want to make sure they know how much we love them.’
    • ‘Imagine that - surely, something to tell the grandkids about as they sit on your knee asking for stories of your distant youth.’
    • ‘Well… your kids and grandkids are going to be reading history books many years from now.’
    • ‘We took a ton of pictures; her with all the grandkids, her with the great-grandkids.’
    • ‘This year, he has been able to afford to buy toys for his grandkids, and will be celebrating Christmas with them.’
    • ‘I hope we will have cancer defeated maybe in our grandkids ' lifetime.’
    • ‘They worked hard, and they tried to put a little money away so that their kids and their grandkids could have a better life.’
    • ‘Jane Faller is 69 and does what many grandmothers like to do, spoil her grandkids.’
    • ‘She was always picking on her kids and grandkids, teasing and joking, and loving each and every one of us as individuals.’
    • ‘I do not take my grandkids to any movie until I've checked it out for myself.’
    • ‘I was his only grandkid, and he was so proud he looked like he might burst.’
    • ‘Thanks a lot for giving my grandkids a chance to grow up in the same kind of world that I grew up in.’
    • ‘And he keeps three tucked away in a drawer to one day give to his grandkids.’
    • ‘Take the plunge, go for it, and if worse comes to worse, you'll come out of it with a life experience worth telling your grandkids about.’
    • ‘Now it became my responsibility all over again to teach my grandkids the same lessons I had taught their parents.’