Definition of grandaddy in English:


(also granddaddy)


North American
  • 1One's grandfather.

    • ‘I've been hunting bobwhite quail since my grandaddy took me with him at age 10.’
    • ‘He saved my great great grandaddy's life during the Civil War.’
    • ‘My grandaddy taught me the manners of hunting.’
    • ‘I got too close to one old cantankerous grandaddy and he grunted a telling off and moved just enough to send me skeltering.’
    1. 1.1 The largest or most notable example or instance of a particular thing.
      ‘that young fellow is going to have the grandaddy of all headaches’
      • ‘LeWitt is one of the grandaddies of conceptual art.’
      • ‘So here they were, eager campers in the grandaddy of all summer camps, with all the toys they could hope for, surrounded by the best of their own kind, and with the chance to play with the very incarnation of their wildest dreams.’
      • ‘Eurovision is the grandaddy of all talent shows and the Super Bowl of singing.’
      • ‘Certainly there are fangs aplenty, but gothic fans will have to look closely to see any relevance to the grandaddy of the vampire cult, Bram Stoker's iconic novel Dracula.’
      • ‘Well, this is the grandaddy of the conspiracy theories!’
      • ‘The true grandaddy of malt liquors, Country Club was the first successful malt liquor in America.’
      • ‘What we have here is the 21st century grandaddy of them all, nicely packaged and weighing in with 36 tracks on two CDs.’