Definition of grand-sounding in English:



  • (of language or a title) extravagant and impressive.

    ‘her grand-sounding words’
    • ‘He has struggled to carve out for himself a role commensurate with his grand-sounding title.’
    • ‘The great powers often pass grand-sounding resolutions which they fail to back up with force.’
    • ‘Her grand-sounding claim that "a symptomatic silence over gender and sexuality haunts analyses of Kubrick's 1971 film" is simply untrue.’
    • ‘In an egalitarian society, titles and grand-sounding awards should have no place.’
    • ‘In practice, this grand-sounding concept doesn't quite work out that way.’
    • ‘Zandra Rhodes was given a grand-sounding award last night - the Montblanc de la Culture arts patronage award.’
    • ‘Cicero worked with Pompey once more, naming him Rector of the Republic, a grand-sounding title, but an empty one.’
    • ‘Clive's boss - who has the grand-sounding title of vice-president Europe, Africa and Middle East - flew in from Brussels to join the interview.’
    • ‘The grand-sounding phrase about freedom being a "long-distance race" is just another piece of flimflam.’
    • ‘He's been rewarded with several promotions since, taking the grand-sounding role of president of Asda Wal-Mart - essentially Wal-Mart's number-one man in Europe.’
    • ‘For how many people has depression become a grand-sounding term for nothing more dramatic than a glum outlook on life.’
    • ‘There are general, grand-sounding principles that are then shot through with all sorts of exceptions that serve to limit the public interest.’
    • ‘You might feel that the term is a typical example of business's unfailing ability to invent grand-sounding but ultimately flaky jargon.’
    • ‘They visit companies, interview senior management, interact with the employees, survey the industry landscape, pore over numbers and then eventually come up with some grand-sounding theme that tries to tie up their disparate findings.’
    • ‘The dogged belief, as reflected in the views of the rather grand-sounding Undergraduate Joint Consultative Committee for history, that the tutorial is the be-all and end-all of history teaching is misplaced.’
    high-sounding, extravagant, exaggerated, elaborate, flowery, florid, ornate, overblown, overdone, overripe, overwrought, grandiloquent, magniloquent, grandiose, lofty, rhetorical, oratorical, verbose, inflated, affected, pretentious, turgid, bombastic, declamatory
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