Definition of gramophone in English:



  • old-fashioned term for record player
    • ‘The only medium to listen to the then alternative music was a record player or gramophone.’
    • ‘Before the invention of the gramophone and flat-disc records in the late 1890s music and songs were recorded on wax cylinders and played on machines called phonographs, invented by Thomas Edison.’
    • ‘There was a gramophone at home and recordings of opera.’
    • ‘From around 1900 until the 1950s, the needles on pre-electric gramophones required changing after every record, to preserve sound quality.’
    • ‘Decca continued to make wind-up gramophones until the late 1950s, long after electric gramophones were established.’
    • ‘Mr Holt said: ‘We had one of those old wind-up gramophones which Anne and I used to dance around.’’
    • ‘In these early days, the gramophone was considered to be little more than a toy, and the ‘great artists’ of the time did not want to condescend to its perceived level to make recordings.’
    • ‘I have several hundred of these old LPs, but my gramophone is getting a bit past it.’
    • ‘His fascination both with music and collecting albums began when he played his grandmother's collection of 78 rmp records on a wind-up gramophone.’
    • ‘We all went and gathered round the gramophone, and when we were settled the record was put on.’
    • ‘The museum's collection illustrates the history of recorded sound prior to the popular use of the gramophone and radio.’
    • ‘Exhibits will include film and audio clips, scripts, designs, posters, diaries, costume, radios and gramophones and 78 rpm records,’
    • ‘Vinyl recordings and gramophones were sent back from America before they became readily available in Ireland and in this way he acquired a large repertoire of tunes often several in the same week.’
    • ‘The first gramophone to change records automatically went on sale.’
    • ‘Before the gramophone and the LP, before there were CDs and MTV, songwriters were forced to travel in order to share in the musical influences and advancements of their peers.’
    • ‘The man disappeared among the trees, returning after about 20 minutes with a portable gramophone and records.’
    • ‘I would venture to add that these classics of the gramophone have come out sounding extremely beautiful with singing top registers and remarkable sound stage for the early 50's.’
    • ‘Other wind-up gramophones from the period have brass finished horns which are equally desirable; however, it is important that the machines are in good working order and in as original condition as possible.’
    • ‘His first recordings, made a hundred years ago this month, on April 11 th, 1902, would kick-start the birth of the gramophone as a medium for what we now take for granted - the serious recording.’


Late 19th century: formed by inversion of elements of phonogram ‘sound recording’.