Definition of gramma in English:


(North American gram)


North American
  • One's grandmother.

    ‘things I had inherited from Gramma’
    • ‘I heard my gramma answer and ask if my dad was home.’
    • ‘She could remember her gramma cooking on a stove like that.’
    • ‘Momma's gone to grammas… and Jacobs gone… ‘she coughed again.’’
    • ‘Och, this is useless, my gramma could have scored that!’
    • ‘They had to leave yesterday to go to my gramma's so I volunteered to go pick up Grey.’
    • ‘Well, I just started getting into it, and my gramma likes to watch the game sometimes because she used to watch it a lot with my grampa.’
    • ‘My gramma spent the morning with a friend.’
    • ‘Now out of that snow and give your gramma a hug before you catch your death.’
    • ‘Because gramma didn't have time to go and get any fruit, so we are being nice and bringing some for her, ok?’
    • ‘Think about it this way, do you get fearful when your calling up dear old gramma on the phone to check how she is doing?’
    • ‘Look, gramma, I know you're almost six times older than me, but it ain't exactly something to be proud of, ya know?’
    grandma, granny
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