Definition of grain borer in English:

grain borer


  • A beetle that feeds on grain and rice and is a common pest of granaries and flour mills.

    Family Bostrichidae: several species, including the tropical lesser grain borer (Rhizopertha dominica), now found worldwide

    • ‘They are the ‘good guys’ because they don't feed on the grain but attack the larvae of the rusty grain beetle, lesser grain borer, and rice weevil.’
    • ‘Of all the pests that feast on maize and crops like dried cassava tubers, the larger grain borer has been classified as the most dangerous.’
    • ‘Either the maize is soaked by rain because of lack of storage facilities or eaten by pests such as grain borers because the storage sheds are not properly fumigated.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, the southern region coordinator has called on the peasant farmers to treat their crop against the larger grain borer.’