Definition of graham flour in English:

graham flour


mass nounNorth American
  • Wholewheat flour that has not been sifted.

    ‘waffles made with graham flour, marshmallow bits and chocolate chips’
    • ‘Dr. James Caleb Jackson created the first cold cereal in 1863 by baking rock-hard bricks of graham flour and water and breaking off chips.’
    • ‘In the making of white flour, the germ of the wheat is removed, and since most of the fat is taken out with the germ, white flour keeps much better than graham flour, from which the germ is not abstracted.’
    • ‘Graham flour is normally used in Canada for making yeast rolls and loaves, quick breads, and also cakes.’
    • ‘He thought all baking should be with graham flour, which he believed to be nutritionally superior.’
    • ‘Moisten the graham flour carefully with 1 cupful of the cold water.’
    • ‘Into the scalded oatmeal, knead a small quantity of graham flour.’
    • ‘It is easy to understand that wheat must be eliminated from the diet, but wheat is hidden behind a lot of other titles, such as bulgur, graham flour, and spelt.’
    • ‘Other grains to avoid on a gluten-free diet include spelt, farina and semolina as well as graham flour.’
    • ‘The size of the bran granules will vary from mill to mill (the making of graham flour remains an individualized process in an age of standardization!).’