Definition of Graeco-Roman in English:


(also Greco-Roman)


  • 1Relating to the ancient Greeks and Romans.

    • ‘Throughout this time Christianity in Egypt was locked in an often deadly struggle against the polytheistic religions of the Greco-Roman culture as well as the Hellenistic movement that began in Alexandria spread to other large cities.’
    • ‘Urn burial is an ancient Graeco-Roman practice, and to this day, the ashes of the dead are often preserved in cinerary urns.’
    • ‘Water wheels appear to have been first used in the Greco-Roman world during the 1st century BC.’
    • ‘The Greco-Roman world did not lack gods and goddesses.’
    • ‘The notion of children with divinely inspired speech is not unparalleled in Greco-Roman antiquity.’
    • ‘Moreover, the cities he founded did not display statues of emperors, nor of gods in the Greco-Roman pantheon.’
    • ‘Indeed, by now it was almost as if no self-respecting collection of Greco-Roman antiquities could be considered complete without some examples of Egyptian art.’
    • ‘In continental Europe, as well as in Britain, some worshippers of the ancient Celtic and Graeco-Roman gods had refused to convert to Christianity, and the rites they performed were interpreted as magical rites.’
    • ‘By Graeco-Roman times women's literacy is relatively common, the mummy of the young woman Hermione inscribed with her profession ‘teacher of Greek grammar’.’
    • ‘Islamic civilization also benefited from the Greco-Roman tradition, especially in the areas of Greek science and philosophy.’
    • ‘In the ancient Greco-Roman world philosophy, for better and worse, became a subject, with its own practices, texts and institutions.’
    • ‘Part II of the book reviews the historical evolution of transit trade through the straits from the Greco-Roman era between Asia and Europe to the vital role the straits hold for transport of oil from the Middle East to Japan today.’
    • ‘In the Graeco-Roman world enslavement was one of the unfortunate consequences of having fought on the losing side in war, a view endorsed by St Augustine.’
    • ‘In general, Christian values stood directly opposed to those values of classical thought, that is, of the Greco-Roman tradition.’
    • ‘Indeed, few prominent Britons of Caesar's day cannot have known something of the Graeco-Roman history and culture of the Mediterranean world.’
    • ‘This exhibit has been designed by undergraduate students to provide just a ‘taste’ of the complexities of Greco-Roman food production and consumption.’
    • ‘Popular aspects of Graeco-Roman literary culture spread well beyond the elite, at least in the cities.’
    • ‘With regard to literary genre, Mark's gospel is a biography, similar to other lives of famous people written in the ancient Greco-Roman world.’
    • ‘Furthermore, the Greco-Roman tradition refers as much to classical and Hellenistic Greece as it does the days of the Roman Republic and the Empire.’
    • ‘The house combined the best of the Renaissance, with the best of the Greco-Roman style, and just a dash of modernity, in a stylish look that was all its own.’
  • 2Denoting a style of wrestling in which holds below the waist are prohibited.

    • ‘He was also a team leader and assistant coach of the 1992 Olympic Greco-Roman wrestling team.’
    • ‘Bulgaria's wrestlers had another fine outing at last weekend's 39th Nikola Petrov International Greco-Roman Style Wrestling tournament.’
    • ‘In 1996, 1997, 1998 and 2002 he was the winner in the Nikola Petrov tournament, one of the oldest and most authoritative Greco-Roman style competitions, which takes place each year in Bulgaria.’
    • ‘Freestyle wrestling, traditionally dominated by the US, allows holds and moves on the legs and the upper body, in contrast to the Greco-Roman style, where all action must take place above the waist.’
    • ‘In 1896 Greco-Roman wrestling was included in the Athens Olympics and it has been part of the Commonwealth Games, apart from 1998, since the inaugural event of 1930.’
    • ‘The longest single event ever was a Greco-Roman wrestling match, which lasted for more than 11 hours.’
    • ‘I had been practicing Greco-Roman wrestling and did not have much confidence in Jujutsu.’
    • ‘Hall began wrestling at the age of 4 with his brothers, and became interested in the Greco-Roman style because he could never beat his older brother, Daniel, at freestyle.’
    • ‘This time, I got to see some judo and some Greco-Roman wrestling, but no freestyle.’
    • ‘Winning three golds, two silvers, and two bronzes, the Greco-Roman wrestlers helped Iran stand top after four years on 64 points.’
    • ‘He added a gold medal to China's medal tally as he triumphed in the Greco-Roman wrestling 54 kg class at the East Asian Games Tuesday in Osaka.’
    • ‘All that healing comes in the nick of time - just as Gardner makes his run to become the first American to win two Olympic gold medals in Greco-Roman wrestling.’
    • ‘In imitation of classical Greek and Roman representations of the sport, modern Greco-Roman wrestling was created in France in the early 19th century.’
    • ‘A total of 344 athletes competed in the three disciplines of this sport, freestyle, Greco-Roman and women's wrestling.’
    • ‘Eight countries won gold medals in the Greco-Roman wrestling events.’
    • ‘Inter-collegiate wrestling, which is practised only in American colleges, is broadly similar to the freestyle and Graeco-Roman styles, apart from the points system.’
    • ‘The wrestling was similar to today's Greco-Roman wrestling.’
    • ‘Is she more comfortable wrestling Greco-Roman or Freestyle?’
    • ‘World title and bronze medal was taken by Bulgarian wrestlers in Greco-Roman style at the championship in Moscow.’
    • ‘The forms of wrestling we know today as Greco-Roman and Freestyle found their origins in the lands on the eastern end of the Mediterranean Sea.’