Definition of grading system in English:

grading system


  • A system of classifying or ranking something on a particular scale.

    ‘there is no universal grading system for snakebites’
    • ‘The results were then graded according to the grading system used in the U.S.’
    • ‘These two reports highlight that there is no dependable grading system to tell us what type of new research findings will lead to better care of patients.’
    • ‘The company evaluates its vendors based on a grading system, in which they are judged on service, quality assurance, and pricing standards.’
    • ‘The Government is bringing in certain standards to these centres and a grading system, as seen in the hospitality industry.’
    • ‘There are some small differences, however, especially in the grading systems of various regions.’
    • ‘These questions are scored by using a standardised grading system.’
    • ‘The work world has grading systems too, and you need to know about them in advance so you can prepare for Performance Reviews.’
    • ‘Differences and shortcomings in these grading systems can be confusing and impede effective communication.’
    • ‘A "fair" grading system was found to be important to all students.’
    • ‘We could develop a grading system with points based on technical merit and artistic interpretation for each task successfully completed.’