Definition of gracelessly in English:



  • See graceless

    • ‘For days afterwards the thought of the galloping Kimberly made me smile: it's not every day you come across somebody so dementedly and gracelessly determined to be seen with the right person.’
    • ‘On my second test, I had to swerve gracelessly to miss an old lady and ended up on the kerb with the front end of the car wedged under a rhododendron bush.’
    • ‘But if we just gracelessly and abruptly climbed-down from our position right now, that really would have very serious consequences both for us and for the entire world order.’
    • ‘By forcing the male characters to pretend to be something they're not, the men performed awkwardly and gracelessly.’
    • ‘Then, just as the sliding door started to automatically close the lady's legs buckled and she slid rather gracelessly to the floor, her head hitting the now almost closed door on the way down.’