Definition of grab bag in English:

grab bag


North American
  • 1A container from which a person chooses a wrapped item at random, without knowing the contents.

    British term lucky dip
    • ‘For her, the box is a useless and impersonal thing, like the random presents pulled out of a grab bag.’
    • ‘These grab bags come with standard designs with an imprint area for your custom message.’
    • ‘I asked her if the wrapped presents were to be chosen randomly by each person from a grab bag.’
    • ‘For a limited time, we have holiday grab bags available for a great price with fun mystery prizes.’
    1. 1.1 An assortment of items in a sealed bag which one buys or is given without knowing what the contents are.
      • ‘Still, it would be a great surprise if Gilbert didn't pull a few gems out of his grab bag of old hits as well.’
      • ‘Traditionally, there are a handful of obvious top choices, followed by a grab bag of mediocrity, potential and the occasional diamond in the rough.’
      • ‘For the most part, they're taking programs that are incoherent and consist of random grab bag of courses.’
      • ‘What a wonderful grab bag of conditions to say the least.’
      • ‘The rest of the film is grab bag of the good and the bad.’
      • ‘No, these are just a grab bag of activities that high-culture types consider ‘enriching’ and therefore force on their children.’
      • ‘It's dismally apparent that American educators and school administrators place the English language into a grab bag full of other equally important areas of knowledge.’
      • ‘On that day, we've got a scavenger hunt going on with grab bags.’
      • ‘The documents spell out a corporate shopping list, a grab bag of public and private services which European companies would like to get their hands on.’
      • ‘These customized pro forma calculations excluded a grab bag of expenses and allowed upstart companies to show a profit.’
      • ‘All of the contents of the grab bags are original designs of mine that have been used as products or support materials for artists.’
      • ‘Every day the quarantine officials find a grab bag of seeds, plants and fungi.’
      • ‘It's a veritable grab bag of surprises as nothing's really been nailed down yet.’
      • ‘It's tempting to call the music a grab bag of styles, but the twist is that these guys are combining styles that never really had names to being with.’


grab bag