Definition of governorate in English:



  • See governor

    • ‘Over 200 Sunni figures from across the political spectrum came to the meeting from various governorates to voice Sunni demands.’
    • ‘If two-thirds of the voters in three governorates or more object to the constitution the National Assembly will be disbanded and elections for a new National Assembly held by mid December 2005.’
    • ‘But I believe that we must make a step towards the creation of 18 governorates enjoying some self-rule and not relying on a central government or a regional federation.’
    • ‘Other groups were critical of the voting process in the governorates weeks ago accusing the preparatory committee and governmental officials of behind the scenes manipulation and favouritism in the election of delegates.’
    • ‘The committee's report also said candidates should have widespread national support, which would be proven via the backing of elected members of municipal councils in more than half of Egypt's 26 governorates.’