Definition of government contractor in English:

government contractor


  • A person or firm that takes on a contract to provide goods or services for a country's government.

    ‘the law would bar government contractors from contributing to elected officials’
    • ‘He was working as a government contractor at Lahore.’
    • ‘The federal government can give polygraph tests to government contractors involved in national security projects.’
    • ‘During construction, there were tales of negligent government contractors digging up ancient pottery with huge landscaping machinery in order to lay flowerbeds.’
    • ‘For instance, government contractors, under some conditions, must keep all records relating to a project for three years.’
    • ‘In the previous administration the burgeoning role of government contractors was evident.’
    • ‘We have worked diligently to fulfil all of the ethics and internal controls criteria necessary to being a good federal government contractor.’
    • ‘The freedom to comment or disagree could easily be curtailed under the new law, and tighter controls imposed on civil servants, government contractors, journalists and publishers.’
    • ‘Coleman says that her role as a government contractor isn't always easy, especially during an election year.’
    • ‘All government contractors are required by law to report contracting fraud.’
    • ‘It also forced the federal government to assay its nondiscrimination policies toward government contractors and federally assisted construction projects.’