Definition of government bond in English:

government bond


  • A bond issued by a country's government, promising to repay borrowed money a fixed rate of interest at a specified time.

    ‘some investors do not invest in government bonds because of their low yields’
    • ‘When the programs are running surpluses - as they are now - this money is used to buy government bonds.’
    • ‘The low yields in government bonds have made low-yielding corporate bonds more attractive.’
    • ‘Sales of low-risk government bonds soar as confidence in the stock market plummets.’
    • ‘Long-term government bond funds returned 9%, bringing the three-year annualized return to more than 11%.’
    • ‘The incentives were enormous: for every 300 miles of track laid, the companies were loaned government bonds.’
    • ‘One way central banks create money is the purchase or sale of government bonds.’
    • ‘He put 75% of his assets in a government bond fund instead of 75% into growth mutual funds.’
    • ‘In Argentina, while foreign finance was forthcoming, the government bond market had all appearances of sustainable liquidity.’
    • ‘The bank was capitalized at $35 million, to be composed of $7 million in specie and $28 million in government bonds.’
    • ‘Canadian 10-year government bond yields surged 52 basis points to 5.39%.’