Definition of governing body in English:

governing body


  • A group of people who formulate the policy and direct the affairs of an institution in partnership with the managers, especially on a voluntary or part-time basis.

    ‘the school's governing body’
    • ‘Most governing bodies have taken up the issue of child protection and addressed it in such a manner that those who fail to comply also fail to get any funding for their projects.’
    • ‘Smaller countries should clearly be given more voting power in the processes of international governing bodies.’
    • ‘The student union is concerned that there will not be adequate student representation on the new university's governing bodies.’
    • ‘Well to what degree have design innovations forced the governing bodies of various sports to have to set up programs to test and regulate new technology?’
    • ‘You have to believe governing bodies are doing what they are supposed to do.’
    • ‘It is not acceptable to them that the international governing body should have the right both to sanction and to promote.’
    • ‘Councillors were told headteachers and governing bodies were in direct charge over how budgets are spent.’
    • ‘Against the wishes of both the global and the national governing bodies, the World Cup match was cancelled.’
    • ‘He is to consider his position as England captain at the end of the World Cup after losing faith in cricket's governing bodies.’
    • ‘From football's point of view, the best solution by far would be for governing bodies to abolish all regulations concerning contracts and transfer fees.’
    • ‘There is a serious rift between the players and the governing body.’
    • ‘For years, there have been calls for the governing body to involve more people with experience of playing the game.’
    • ‘The schools will retain their own names and their governing bodies, but arrangements will be made to enhance management and teaching support.’
    • ‘There are lots of reasons, but most of them boil down to poor management, both at the teams and at the governing bodies that oversee the sport.’
    • ‘They consult, as appropriate, with other government departments, state agencies and national governing bodies of sport.’
    • ‘A motion to remove the rule was emphatically defeated at the governing body's annual congress in Dublin.’
    • ‘Between now and 2006 the Government wants to see more parents being involved in governing bodies.’
    • ‘Within months it was looking as though the governing body had managed to make an inspired appointment.’
    • ‘An independent governing body would be set up, responsible for administering a code of conduct.’
    • ‘The prime duty of the governing body and the clubs is look into their safety.’
    local authority, local government, municipal authority, civic authority, legislative body, legislature, administration, executive, chamber, assembly, ministry, government, parliament, senate, congress, diet, cabinet
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