Definition of gouache in English:


Pronunciation /ɡuːˈɑːʃ//ɡwɑːʃ/


mass noun
  • 1A method of painting using opaque pigments ground in water and thickened with a gluelike substance.

    • ‘There, he has lived for the past 30 years, mastering lithography, oil painting, watercolor, gouache, drawing, engraving, sculpture and ceramics.’
    • ‘Against a ground of yellow-orange edged in blue, the early small-scale gouache White Cracklings features thick black lines angled over groupings of mostly diagonal white marks.’
    • ‘Dave combines his love of the mountains with his artistic eye to compose striking images and Billy uses gouache - a method using opaque colours mixed with water, honey and gum - and specialises in paintings of birds, landscapes and plants.’
    • ‘His earliest acquisition was a sort of all-male pieta gouache by Keith Vaughan, inspired by Shakespeare, that Walker said identified him as a ‘neo-romantic’.’
    • ‘The exhibits range from creative embroidery to pencil drawings as well as large numbers of oil paintings, gouache and watercolours.’
    1. 1.1 Opaque watercolour of the type used in gouache painting.
      • ‘Singh has developed a unique process in her works on paper: she paints with watercolor and gouache on heavy paper, abraids the surface with sandpaper, repaints, sands and then paints again.’
      • ‘Gorey bases her work on abstract landscapes, and Lawson picked two monochromatic paintings of gouache on paper with simple frames.’
      • ‘Albertson's recent paintings in both oil and gouache continue to feature contorted, hyper-eroticized figures enacting portentous traditional scenes amid the most vulgar trappings of popular culture.’
      • ‘Use in oil, egg tempera, fresco, acrylic, gouache, casein and other vehicles.’
      • ‘The provisional Seurat Drawing #1 is all but unrecognizable, the most familiar figures eclipsed by a frenzy of gouache and graphite, ink crosshatching and a rapid, agitated line.’
      • ‘The tapestry cartoons are virtual paintings, executed in opaque gouache on large sheets of thick paper joined together at the edges, and exhibit layering of colors, visible brushwork, and touches of impasto.’
      • ‘The gallery will present his reproductions painted in not only watercolor, but also gouache and acrylic paints.’
      • ‘Painted in gouache, watercolor and acrylic, its surface varies from matte to shiny and its colors from transparent to opaque.’
      • ‘According to company officials, Owen has gained widespread recognition as a Western painter of fine art, and his work in gouache captures present-day working cowboys.’
      • ‘His works are painted with a limited range of hues or gradations of one color in acrylic on canvas or acrylic and gouache on paper.’
      • ‘Apart from paintings his work included drawings in ink and gouache, collages, and prints of various kinds (etchings, lithographs, screenprints), and he also wrote numerous articles on artistic and social issues.’
      • ‘Use in oil, egg tempera, fresco, acrylic, gouache, casein end other vehicles.’
      • ‘She has received undergraduate and graduate degrees in art education and studio art, concentrating on lithography and painting in oil and gouache.’
      • ‘He creates drawings, and he paints with gouache, watercolor and oil on canvas.’
      • ‘In its strictest sense, the word miniature (in manuscripts) refers to paintings in gouache often combined with gold.’
      • ‘The materials they are using are incredibly varied, including acrylics, casein, egg tempera, and gouache.’
      • ‘As his eye gives the impression of floating over the landscape, his liking for gouache over a pastel ground give what David Britton calls ‘an ethereal quality, where translucent layers of colour float over a solid base’.’
      • ‘On view were 60 small-format paintings on paper done in oil, acrylic, gouache and ink.’
      • ‘Nusra L Qureshi's paintings in gouache and silverleaf on handmade wasli paper are a post-colonial development from traditional Middle Eastern art.’
      • ‘On close inspection, the soft trail of graphite seems almost molten in contrast to the opaque gouache.’
    2. 1.2count noun A picture painted using the gouache method.
      • ‘The costumes were designed by Maria Jarema (Jozef Jarema's sister), an artist admired in Poland for her biomorphic gouaches and monotypes; four pieces of her art work were also presented in the show.’
      • ‘The gouaches in her sketch pad (also part of the display) have the raw quality of the mark of the hand, which their digital counterparts retain.’
      • ‘Judging by the 46 small but intense drawings, watercolors and gouaches on view in this, his second New York solo show, the art world has benefited from the switch.’
      • ‘In the gouaches, where paint handling can be even freer than in the canvases, and the contrast between delicate, wristy marks and broad strokes can be even more acute, these spatial shifts are often particularly intense.’
      • ‘Exception has to be made only for two sun-filled West Texas landscapes - gouaches Doyle painted with the paper taped to the hood of his car, while pulled over to the side of a country road.’
      • ‘Bo Bartlett's exhibition of roughly 20 paintings plus watercolors and gouaches showed the artist continuing in the realist vein that has defined his practice for more than a decade.’
      • ‘Many of Erte's original works, including gouaches, serigraphs, bronze sculptures, jewelry and objects d' art were presented, and the ‘Theatre’ room contained furniture crafted from his designs.’
      • ‘They were first painted as gouaches and then printed in 1948 in the studio of Albert Carman, City Island, New York.’
      • ‘Riley's gouaches are much more than just preparatory sketches for the oils (which are painted by assistants, as has long been Riley's practice).’
      • ‘Francis, who had worked in Paris and then Japan where he encountered the traditional haboku or ‘flung ink’ style, created challenging multi-color prints based on his gouaches and oil paintings.’
      • ‘In many of the gouaches and watercolors in particular, the images have completely wafted away into an airy assemblage of ethereal tints and quick, happy touches.’
      • ‘After the War, Ilija returned home to Yugoslavia and created his first drawings and gouaches at the end of the 1950s when he was already in his fifties.’
      • ‘She also wanted to keep something of the informality of the original gouaches.’
      • ‘For an exhibition entitled Turner at Petworth, they are joined by about seventy sketches, watercolors, gouaches, and oil paintings Turner made of the house, parkland, and gardens.’
      • ‘The 32 works in this exhibition, which was organized in association with Janos Gat Gallery, included four paintings on canvas, the rest being gouaches or drawings.’
      • ‘In the watercolor and gouache of Joel with Roses, a spray of ripe blooms nearly fills the picture.’
      • ‘These small crowded gouaches show scenes of marching, uniformed men and broadly painted, flat, wasp-waisted women.’
      • ‘In a Salon-style grouping of gouaches painted on antique chalkboards, the setting turns nocturnal and urban.’
      • ‘The two gouaches were not illustrated in the 1937 catalogue, but their appearance is recorded in engravings by Francois Joullain.’
      • ‘In 1941 and 1942-by the sun and a blue sea that she sometimes seems literally to be drawing with, far from her family and the tumult of Berlin, humming as she worked - she painted 1,325 gouaches.’


Late 19th century: French, from Italian guazzo.