Definition of Gothicism in English:



  • See Gothic

    • ‘Baudelaire was after content-not verse form; Gothicism, not lyricism.’
    • ‘Accordingly, as with the ludicrous fake Gothicism of the title, it proved a classic case of Nicholas Hentz's just missing the boat, with the author mercifully consigned to obscurity.’
    • ‘I guess this time around the half-assed attempts at electronicism beat out the half-assed attempts at Gothicism, but not by a whole lot, and I wouldn't go so far as to say I like Smith's intentions here.’
    • ‘The nearest linear example to the style employed by lead singer/songwriter Colin Meloy is the literary Gothicism typified by Victorian authors such as Charles Dickens and the Bronte sisters.’
    • ‘While he does so in witty rhetorical play, there is a strong argument for the Gothicism inherent in this act, as has been mentioned.’