Definition of Gothic Revival in English:

Gothic Revival


  • The renewed popularity of the Gothic style of architecture towards the middle of the 19th century.

    ‘the Gothic Revival was in its heyday between 1855 and 1885’
    ‘one hallmark of the Gothic Revival is the pointed arch’
    • ‘The Gothic Revival of the Victorian period was another time of revelation and change.’
    • ‘Their work may be seen in the larger European context of the growing Gothic Revival, the reaction against the classical taste, and the wider Romantic movement.’
    • ‘Adam's last major country house was Inveraray Castle, Argyll, begun in 1745 for the third duke of Argyll and when completed the first major manifestation of the Gothic revival.’
    • ‘Later in the century, the Gothic Revival, always more English than British, became associated with Romantic ideas of the Sublime and Picturesque.’
    • ‘Designed by noted Gothic Revival architect Ralph Adams Cram and completed in 1928, the Princeton University Chapel is heavily used for weddings, musical performances, and commencements in addition to religious services.’
    • ‘If the Gothic Revival could be seen as something of a rich man's plaything in the 18th century, it took on deep national seriousness in the early 19th century.’
    • ‘Upon most of the new secular building types and many city centres, the Gothic Revival made little impact.’
    • ‘The Gothic Revival, championed by Pugin, grew on the back of the rebuilding of the Houses of Parliament after the devastating the of 1834.’
    • ‘Beyond England, the Gothic Revival had mixed fortunes.’
    • ‘While Morris's firm worked in historical styles, particularly the gothic revival, he was also a seminal figure in the emergence of the arts and crafts movement.’
    • ‘John Ruskin (1819-1900) was also a great champion of the Gothic Revival.’


  • Of or in a 19th-century style of architecture characterized by the revival of medieval Gothic forms.

    ‘a Gothic Revival building’
    • ‘It's a Gothic revival building, with gorgeous acoustics.’
    • ‘The rich appointments of the steamer included Gothic revival architectural tracery and stained-glass windows in the medieval style.’
    • ‘The present church building, an outstanding example of Gothic Revival architecture, was designed by Frank Wills and Henry Dudley of New York.’
    • ‘Strawberry Hill is Britain's finest example of Georgian Gothic Revival architecture and interior decoration.’
    • ‘Yesterday it emerged that he plans to purchase a four-storey Gothic revival house, complete with wine cellar, in one of London's most exclusive neighbourhoods.’
    • ‘England was the undisputed leader in the Gothic revival style, which was reflected in literature and other artistic disciplines.’
    • ‘Set in open countryside, the gothic revival stately home had five rooms available to hold a civil wedding.’
    • ‘Across the way, I could see the gothic revival spire of the magnificant Library of Parliament - a structure with precisely 16 equal sides.’
    • ‘One of the earliest purchases was this magnificent 6 light, Gothic Revival brass candelabrum.’
    • ‘He was once the head chorister in the towering 19th century Gothic revival cathedral.’