Definition of gossipy in English:



  • 1Characterized by casual conversation or reports about other people.

    ‘his latest book is a gossipy memoir’
    ‘Nina rang for a nice long gossipy chat’
    • ‘This is her way of countering criticism of her books as gossipy, trashy hack-work with poor sourcing.’
    • ‘Her light touch, wry humour and down-to-earth, almost gossipy tone make this novel as readable as it is challenging.’
    • ‘The gossipy blog spends a good deal of time making fun of the two socialites.’
    • ‘He eventually became editor and author of a gossipy column, "Within the Pearly Gates."’
    • ‘He has handled a massive amount of contemporary and historical material with skill and humour, with gossipy anecdotes to keep you turning the page.’
    • ‘The media baron revealed himself adept at delivering gossipy snippets in an in-depth interview with the Financial Times last week.’
    • ‘The writing reminds me of what two unfunny girls would giggle about during a gossipy lunch date.’
    • ‘The other three-quarters of the book are as deliciously gossipy and trashily entertaining as memoirs get.’
    • ‘There is little evidence to support either scenario, unless you consider gossipy tabloid stories and books hard evidence.’
    • ‘It will be an unashamedly gossipy account of her love life called In Search of Love.’
    1. 1.1derogatory Enjoying talking about other people's private lives.
      ‘she has to deal with gossipy neighbours’
      • ‘He was a wonderfully amiable correspondent, chatty and gossipy and direct.’
      • ‘He did not know exactly what sort of news they would spread, but having some very gossipy subordinates, he could guess.’
      • ‘A gossipy neighbor had given Jem all his information because Atticus wouldn't talk about the Radleys.’
      • ‘The actress is at the top of her game as the gossipy aunt everyone loves to hate.’
      • ‘She's just moved next door to her gossipy friend.’
      • ‘The people of the small town near the farm give the impression of being judgmental and gossipy.’
      • ‘I overheard Mum and her gossipy friends talking about Mrs Campbell last week.’
      • ‘We talk about relationships we're both familiar with, without getting gossipy.’
      • ‘Nick glanced down the hallway: a group of gossipy girls gazed at us from a nearby water fountain.’
      • ‘Mum's gossipy friend picks the beans that grow through the fence and hands them back to the grandmother in exchange for facts.’