Definition of gospeller in English:


(US gospeler)


  • 1A person who zealously teaches or professes faith in the gospel.

    • ‘Allen would not yield, but he encouraged Jarena to use her spiritual gifts as a wandering gospeler.’
    • ‘What's more, many of the social gospelers came out of immigrant communities and had strong affiliations with those communities.’
    • ‘The many apologists of the god gospellers have had many centuries in the common era to hone their craft of deception and have mislead millions of people.’
    • ‘Dorrien is an ‘Anglican social gospeler and dialectical theologian’ aiming to incorporate evangelical thought into the map of modern theological developments.’
    • ‘I can legitimately lay claim to have done something that millions of God gospellers from all over the globe have for thousands of years said that the mysterious bloke called Jesus Christ is gonna do.’
    • ‘Two centuries earlier an ‘evangelical’ was the equivalent of ‘a gospeller’.’
    1. 1.1 (in church use) the reader of the Gospel in a Communion service.
      • ‘After the gospel is read, the Gospeller stands to the side.’
      • ‘Stand behind and to the right of the gospeller when the gospel procession comes to rest.’