Definition of gosh in English:



  • 1Used to express surprise or give emphasis.

    ‘gosh, it's freezing!’
    • ‘Oh, gosh, that reminds me, I meant to say, I've been updating my wishlist…’
    • ‘You read an article in a newspaper and you think, ‘Oh my gosh, a boy's been beaten up,’ but you never for one second think it's going to be on your own doorstep.’
    • ‘They get their calculations checked by a few scientists, who say ‘by gosh, they might be right’’
    • ‘‘Oh gosh, the tiles,’ Montano said with a roll of her eyes, when asked what she liked most about the renovation.’
    • ‘But gosh, you know, they don't seem so bad, particularly the cute white one Willard adopts and names Socrates.’
    • ‘When you slow down enough to examine those ideas, you might realize, Oh my gosh!’
    • ‘I thought, ‘Oh my gosh, this guy I so admired has voted for me’.’
    • ‘So I don't need to boast… but gosh, it's so difficult not to do.’
    • ‘And I've just finished eating, gosh, about six mouthfuls.’
    • ‘I looked on a map, for Calgary, and then thought ‘Oh gosh, it's at the other side of Canada!’’
    • ‘He should have come home, found the dog with the leash and started yelling and running around the neighborhood, oh my gosh!’
    • ‘It's far from the most charitable - or politically correct - portrait of women, but gosh, it's done with panache.’
    • ‘Oh, gosh, but it was hard to get going when I woke this morning.’
    • ‘I'll show her bold side a bit more, ooooo, I just got an idea… oh my gosh!’
    • ‘He issues a command and all of them get up and… oh my gosh!’
    • ‘Clark has been to, gosh, thousands of funerals over the years, but he's not the sort to let that much grief affect him.’
    • ‘His voice has changed a bit, but, gosh, he's nearly 59.’
    • ‘Oh my gosh, somebody isn't going to get much sleep tonight!’
    • ‘Sometimes when you do that, you realise, ‘Oh my gosh, that was pretty bad’.’
    • ‘What is unforgivable though is the pointless gumph when Aragorn falls in to the river and drifts off, only, gosh, he returns just in time for the battle.’
    1. 1.1North American Used as a euphemism for ‘God’
      ‘a gosh-awful team’
      • ‘That it's not a gosh-awful mess is reason for celebration.’
      • ‘First the oil companies scour the freaking globe, going to the most gosh-forsaken dangerous places on earth to find the stuff.’


Mid 18th century: euphemism for God.