Definition of gorgoneion in English:



  • A representation of a gorgon's head.

    • ‘The first two are images of Hadrian and a detail of the gorgoneion, the third is of Septimus Severus.’
    • ‘There is also a variety of animals such as boars, water-birds, doves, lions, scorpions, oxheads and cocks, as well as different designed gorgoneia.’
    • ‘The primary aim of this thesis is to determine when the transformation of Medusa from a hideous monster into a beautiful woman initially occurs and whether this transformation is simultaneous with regard to both her full-figure representations and the gorgoneia.’
    • ‘She is carrying her aegis as a shield, and you can clearly see the gorgoneion at the centre.’
    • ‘The ‘awful monster’ is the Gorgon, and the monster's head the gorgoneion.’
    • ‘Contained within a circle, the gorgoneion was the central motif of an ornamental composition of confronting dolphins.’
    • ‘Sometimes she has a shield, more often the aegis, a scaly capelike covering with fringe of snakes, usually with the gorgon's head, the gorgoneion, to relieve its plainness.’


Greek, neuter of gorgoneios ‘of or relating to a gorgon’ (see gorgon).