Definition of gordian worm in English:

gordian worm


  • another term for horsehair worm
    • ‘A gordian worm slides out of a frog's mouth, the frog having eaten the cricket in which the worm was living.’
    • ‘Another name for horsehair worm is gordian worm.’
    • ‘In order to get back to the water, the gordian worms cause their hosts to hurl themselves into ponds or streams.’
    • ‘A gordian worm or nematomorph, about 20 cm long, is the free-living adult form of the parasite that lives in camel crickets.’
    • ‘Horsehair or gordian worms are unusual invertebrates in the phylum Nematomorpha.’
    • ‘This is a gordian worm, a parasite of insects.’
    • ‘The phylum Nematomorpha (from the Greek nema, ‘thread,’ and morphe, ‘shape’), consists of a group of invertebrates, commonly called horsehair or gordian worms, that has no close relationships with any other living organisms.’
    • ‘It shows the anterior and posterior ends of a nematomorph worm, horsehair or gordian worm.’
    • ‘A common name of nematomorphs is gordian worm, which originated from its similarity in appearance to a knot, specifically one created by Gordius, king of Phrygia around 330 B.C.’
    • ‘French scientists have discovered that the gordian worm does not face certain death when its host gets eaten.’
    • ‘Horsehair or gordian worms are long, slender worms related to nematodes.’
    • ‘To our knowledge, this escape response by a gordian worm is the first example of a parasite or any organism surviving predation in this way.’
    • ‘These creatures are also sometimes called gordian worms, because they can interloop themselves into a knot reminiscent of the famous Gordian knot of Greek legend.’
    • ‘I was feeding my two cats and I looked in their bowl and saw a bunch of tiny white worms in their water-from what I've read about in another site they seem to be gordian worms.’
    • ‘Like all gordian worms the larvae of this family parasitize on a number of aquatic and terrestrial insects.’
    • ‘The juvenile gordian worm parasitizes land-living arthropods such as grasshoppers, locusts and beetles, but the adult is a free-living aquatic species which can only reproduce in water.’
    • ‘Only in one specimen has a gordian worm been recorded.’
    • ‘They are very similar to gordian worms (Phylum: Nematomorpha) but shorter and always with a smooth cuticle.’
    • ‘The phylum Nematomorpha (from the Greek nema, ‘thread,’ and morphe, ‘shape’), is a group of invertebrates called horsehair or gordian worms.’