Definition of gorb in English:



Northern Irish
  • A greedy person.

    ‘all greedy gorbs will confirm there is always room for dessert’
    • ‘You could have bread and butter, bread and jam, but never bread, butter and jam, which stigmatised you as a greedy gorb.’
    • ‘It was a mighty fine fry which, for gorbs like me, proves a worthy but not unbeatable challenge.’
    • ‘Ever the gorb, I speared a neighbouring lamb chop and chewed down on a succulent morsel which was complemented with a minty gravy.’
    • ‘I do hope they announce which is limited before the pre-sale ends, greedy gorbs.’
    • ‘Call me a greedy gorb, but I have never been a fan of ready meals due to their skimpy proportions.’


[with object]Northern Irish
  • Eat a large amount of (food) greedily.

    ‘I am prone to gorbing the odd fresh cream bun’
    • ‘As a child I attended lodge social evenings to gorb cakes and whatever else remained on plates.’
    • ‘I'd learned was not to run to Mum with a sore stomach as it would likely result in a sore bum ‘for gorbing yoursel’ on all them sweeties’.’
    • ‘She's a well-built gal who goes gorbing through the fridge.’
    • ‘They gorbed all their toffees and selection boxes and went back to bed.’
    • ‘Years of haggis gorbing convince me that a sound, middle-range claret is ideal.’


Mid 17th century: of unknown origin; perhaps related to gobble.