Definition of goral in English:



  • A long-haired goat-antelope with backward curving horns, found in mountainous regions of eastern Asia.

    Genus Nemorhaedus, family Bovidae: two species

    • ‘But every animal part is traded, from serow tongues (consumed to treat headaches) and goral legs (ground into a liniment for joint ailments) to the skins of white-browed gibbons and capped leaf monkeys (made into shoulder bags).’
    • ‘My 40th birthday was celebrated in the Himalayas, where I took valuable pictures of the red goral, one of the world's most endangered animals.’
    • ‘Along the way you may even sight the Himalayan red panda, musk deer, leopards, black bear, goral and tahr in the national park.’
    • ‘Pam Groves of the University of Alaska-Fairbanks has shown that the closest relative is actually the goral.’


Mid 19th century: a local word in the Himalayas.