Definition of gora in English:


nounFeminine gori, Feminine and Plural goray, Plural and Feminine goras

  • (in the Indian subcontinent, and among British Asians) a white person.

    • ‘For the ‘goras’ in the galleries, he could have been just another Indian gunning for his nation.’
    • ‘Mrs. E., the only gori present, intervened in her usual quiet, efficient way.’
    • ‘Perhaps it was because Juan, born in Miami to Colombian immigrants but pale and blond, was among two ‘goras’ in the entire audience.’
    • ‘I helpfully suggested that they try selling the carcass to the Korean restaurant up the road, and thus make the best of a bad deal, but what seemed to me to be eminently pragmatic elicited only disgusted looks from the goras.’
    • ‘Most of my customers are ‘goras’ because CDs are 100 times costlier in their countries.’
    • ‘Well this (read the gora effect) is what cosmetic ads have us believe is the most important asset of the modern girl, a gora skin being the pre-requisite for a happy home, a successful marriage or a prosperous job.’
    • ‘It is a temple in which the faithful may worship - but also one that begs the gora Jeustani for respect, and towards that end contains helpful guides to what is sacred and profane.’
    • ‘In the early days of the East India Company, the gora sahebs adopted Indian ways - in imitation of the ‘nabobs’ - which meant taking Indian wives, wearing Indian dresses and partaking of local fare.’
    • ‘‘everybody who hears his voice says that this guy is not a gora and they have a major culture shock when they see his face.’’


From Hindi gorā ‘fair, white’.