Definition of gopik in English:


nounPlural gopiks

  • A monetary unit of Azerbaijan, equal to one hundredth of a manat.

    • ‘Zakir can hold 14 passengers in his van and he charges each passenger about 50 gopik for the ride.’
    • ‘And I shudder to think of a world without the scrumptious Azerbaijani gopik, or worse yet without everyone's favorite - the Bhutanese ngultrum.’
    • ‘The currency of Azerbaijan is the manat (1 manat = 100 gopik).’
    • ‘I could go on at some length, but I will only mention that a manat is equivalent to 100 gopik in Azerbaijan, that a ngultrum is 100 chetrums in Bhutan and that a ouguiya is worth 5 khoums in Mauritania.’
    • ‘The manat was formerly divided into 100 gopiks, but this has long since become obsolete due to inflation early in the nation's independence.’


Azerbaijani, ‘kopek’.