Definition of goosey in English:


(also goosy)


  • 1Having or showing a quality considered to be characteristic of a goose, especially foolishness or nervousness.

    • ‘When he start to sing; then I'd get a little nervous and goosy like.’
    • ‘‘Terms like democracy make me really goosey… they feel like clouds of methane gas to me, it means nothing,’ says Dery.’
    • ‘So a lot of our ‘friends’ in the region are very, very goosey about what that means for them.’
    • ‘In fact, I wanted to make Fernandito a little bit more goosey, but the executives in the network were saying, ‘No, no, no, no.’’
  • 2informal Exhibiting gooseflesh.

    ‘I've gone all goosey’
    • ‘I was so excited to listen to your reflections that I actually got goosey and a bit teary all at once.’
    • ‘Another campaigner, Dave Dee, said: ‘I have gone goosey all over.’’