Definition of goosegrass in English:



mass noun
  • A widely distributed scrambling plant related to bedstraws, with hooked bristles on the stem, leaves, and seeds which cling to fur and clothing.

    Galium aparine, family Rubiaceae

    Also called cleavers
    • ‘All summer we fight Bermuda grass, nut grass, crabgrass, goosegrass, Dallis grass, spurge, pigweed and others.’
    • ‘The major grassy weed was crabgrass (Digitaria L. spp.) with some goosegrass present.’
    • ‘Nettles and tangles of bindweed, pelt-snagging goosegrass and bedstraw alike were avoided, while he gazed with pleasure on the eager growth of scattered rowan and hawthorn saplings.’
    • ‘We used MSMA [herbicide] to help control the crabgrass and goosegrass.’